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2021 New Year's WorkShop

Nextrap left the New Year's workshop every year for unity. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, this workshop will be held in-house simply using working hours. The first order was 2020 sales and 2021 promotion announcement. In 2020, all the Nexstrap employees worked hard and increased sales by 62% compared to 2019!! ????The average 3-year growth rate is about 19%, which is a very solid and steady growth Nextrap.I'd like to give a round of applause to all the people who worked hard! It's the best! NexStrap has been working hard to "provide solutions that enable customers to focus on what's worthwhile." In 2021, I'm going to make a fresh start with a new slogan.Nextrap's 2021 slogan is "Finding and focusing on strategic markets."Please look forward to seeing Nextstrap, which will grow greatly through challenges and innovations into a bigger market.Next up was the 2020 NEXTLabber Award.Every year, we vote for the person who matches the talent of Nextstrap and has given us good influence.The gifts are iPad, MacBook, and iPhone Promax (choose one). Isn't the gift very big?You've told me a lot that it's hard for everyone to vote for one person, but...The main character who was chosen through a huge competition rate is...The pillar of Nextstrap, Lee Se-yong,New rising star of Nextstrap, "Mr. Cho Woo-jin," has been selected.Congratulations to both of you!!!I look forward to seeing you become a better and an inspiration to our company's Although we had a short workshop, It was a meaningful time to organize 2020 and unite to start anew in 2021. 


Checking objective network quality

 NextLab has developed a portable network quality instrument.  A portable network quality measuring instrument is a device used to measure users' Internet quality.Internet service providers install new Internet lines at home or use them to conduct A/S due to quality problems.   Would you believe that such a pretty and small machine is a network quality instrument? ????This device not only evaluates the quality of the Internet, but also provides clues to identify and improve the cause of the network and other problems.Also, the cost is very reasonable and easy to manage, making it easy to evaluate the quality of the Internet anywhere.Currently, the performance deviation of each measuring device or region is very large about the quality of the Internet, so it was enough to refer to the measurement results.With the development of this portable network quality measuring instrument, we are looking forward to establishing objective indicators of Internet quality.    NextLab Youtube :


Introduced NEXTLab in Bobbin Journal

Nextrap has innovative technologies in Smart Factory for deep learning-based foreign object detection equipment (Beyond X-Ray), camera image-based production monitoring and work behavior analysis, and integrated MES platform.These innovative Nextrap technologies were introduced in the November 2020 issue of the monthly sewing technology magazine.<Monthly Sewing Technology Cover November 2020>  Monthly sewing technology introduces Nextrap's Smart Factory technology to improve quality according to foreign object detection accuracy, reduce customer complaints, and maximize work efficiency according to camera image-based production measurement.  <Introduction article of monthly sewing technology>  I'm so happy and excited that our NextStrap is introduced in Monthly Sewing Technology, the biggest specialty in the sewing industry, and I'll continue to work on developing upgraded technologies, looking forward to the interests of the sewing industry! 


Introduce a STB Multimeter

NEXTLab will introduce STB Multimeter!The clean and compact set-top box is small in appearance but can use all the functions used in the existing STB Station Single equipment the same.In addition, LCD monitors for touch are installed, allowing immediate testing and monitoring without any additional monitor connection.The first STB Multimeter customer is Abies, Inc.Previously, they recorded STB's screen manually and analyzed it one by one.They say that their work satisfaction has increased greatly through the automation of tests.Also, many people said that existing equipment is difficult to carry around.It has been upgraded to a compact size, making it easier to carry.We are pleased to realize "provide a solution that allows customers to focus on more valuable things" such as a NEXTLab's goals.


2020 New Year's Workshop

NEXTLab went to the New Year's workshop in 2020. We spent three days together from Jan. 9-11, 2020.The workshop of NEXTLab employees, who are good at work but also play well, was like a festival.We took a commemorative photograph.We had the time to announce the results of 2019 and to announce who was promoted, and to announce "the most proud project" by team.Congratulations on your promotion!Also, Ji-woong was voted select the most popular people in NEXTLab.We had a time to play games in the evening.On the next day of the workshop, the event was divided into ski team and trout fishing team.We were able to participate actively and successfully finish the workshop.I hope many wonderful things will happen to NEXTLab in 2020.


Interview, 'Prepare Your Customers Next with Innovative Business Automation Solution Technology'

We've already been pleased to announce that NEXTLab has been selected as a "Business Innovation Incentive System" to a"Excellent Corporate Innovation Enterprise" (SS grade).This system was organized by the Ministry of Employment and Labor and operated by the Korea Labor Development Foundation.It was established from 2019 to create a balanced employment environment between work and life.<Photo: Employment and Labor Minister hands out a letter of choice to NEXTLab CEO Chang-Geun Lee>(Photograph by Jeong I-re, a reporter for 'Monthly People')The Minister of Employment and Labor personally presented the selected company representatives with generous congratulations and encouragement.The selection of the best company also gives you a great opportunity to talk to the 'Monthly People' who was preparing for theJanuary 2020 issue of the Ministry of Employment and Labor. <Photo: NEXTLab CEO Chang-Geun Lee>(Photograph by Jeong I-re, a reporter for 'Monthly People')First, vision and pursuit of value.Second, corporate growth process and main businessThird, future goals and aspirationsThrough these three interviews, you will be able to revisit where you are and where you are headed.You can find it on the official website and blog of 'Monthly People( URL with the full text of the interview is shown below.Monthly People Official Website InterviewMonthly People Official Blog Interview <Photo: NEXTLab CEO Chang-Geun Lee>(Photograph by Jeong I-re, a reporter for 'Monthly People') 


1st export, Beyond X-Ray

In October 2019, NEXTLab achieved its first export to Vietnam and Indonesia.No.1 export of NEXTLab is Beyond X-Ray.This machine provides high inspection performance by upgrading existing X-Ray machine.Beyond X-Ray has a high detection capability to detect even 1mm of foreign matter in the product.Also, the device, which is based on more than 200,000 extensive field data, is a device that has been developed.The detection rate is about 98.9%, which is very accurate and provides quick test results.It is designed to sit in front of the monitor to check for foreign objects and simply operate with a joystick.In the case of conventional inspection methods, it took a long time and it was difficult to pinpoint foreign substances.However, after the introduction of NEXTLab Beyond X-Ray, the efficiency of work has improved and employee satisfaction has been very high.NEXTLab is making continuous improvements to provide a more performance detection model, a more user-friendly interface.Based on the successful performance of local companies, we hope that we can help not only bags and clothing but also various businesses in the future.


NEXTLab STS 2019 4Q Content Reel



NEXTLab visited SK ICT Tech Summit 2019 at Walkerhill Theater & Vista Hall in October 28 and 29.*NEXTLab did not have a separate booth, but participated as a demonstration assistant and booth sponsor for the delivered product:)SK ICT Tech Summit, which will be held for the fourth time this year, is a place where SK Group shares its ICT technologies and services.This is where you can enjoy the latest technologies and services of SK Group.A total of 19 SK related companies participated, 41 presentations, 81 exhibitions, etc.We could see a variety of people participating.NEXTLab has sponsored an ‘AI-based voice verification automation solution’ booth.An integrated verification platform for unified management of verification processes on the Web,Voice UI based smartphone application (T-Map) automated verification technology that combines TTS-based voice call and voice modulation technology,Voice UI based STB Media Service Automation Verification Technology, etc. that enables real-time broadcasting quality and UI analysisIt was a great opportunity to showcase a wide range of technologies.There was an unseen and arduous process of preparation,Many of you have visited the booth and have been interested in it.I was proud to forget about the fatigue and focus on the event.



NEXTLAB’S THIRD TEAM DAYThe NEXTLab’s welfare system, which went into effect this year, is the third time of ‘Team Day’.Unlike the previous team day, which was divided by each team,Everyone was there except members who were forced to participate on schedule. Lotte World, which was close but couldn’t go due to the busy schedule, was chosen as the venue for this team day.As you can see in the picture, despite the weekday afternoons, there was a huge crowd.Before starting Gyrospin, one person who is extremely nervous:When the ride actually started, it was the hardest thing to do.(hints:red)Doesn’t it look so fun just looking at the pictures?The tired appearance of three brothers and sisters in a dog hat.Ga-young, a bright, chubby college intern, joined us late in the afternoon and enjoyed it together.After a fun team day, we had a quick dinner together.I didn’t even remember the last time I went to the theme park.It’s been a long time since I had so much fun.


VTG 2019

FREE FROM FOREIGN METAL OBJECTS IN YOUR PRODUCTS!NEXTLab will participate in the November 20-23 VTG 2019.I think it will be even more glorious to have NEXTLab participate in this year’s 19th traditional deep fair.CHARACTERISTICBeyond AI X-Ray is an automated foreign metallic objects detection system.The system can detect various types of foreign objects by using Deep learning- based Image processing technology.Your factory’s X-Ray machine can be converted easily into Automated Detection System by simply adding ‘Beyond AI X-Ray’ to your machine.1. Applicable Products : Every Sewing-based Products– Shoes, Apparels | – Backpacks, Handbags2. Accuracy & Performance– 0.9 seconds for detecting | – 98% of foreign metallic objects detection accuracy3. X-Ray machine compatibilities– Every X-Ray machines which are operating under Microsoft Windows O/S (XP or higher)4. Customers– Pungkook Saigon III | – Pungkook Indonesia OneNEXTLab is located in booth 543.If you have a chance, visit our booth.Send product and technical questions to ‘[email protected]‘ and we will answer them in detail.  ADDED CONTENT. VTG SKETCH This is the foreground of the SECC where the event was held.Proud members who have done everything from organizing the event to running the boothUnlike other booths where textiles and clothing were the main items, technology-oriented demonstrations have taken place.This is an endless list of NEXTLab booths.(The UI shown on the left screen is the actual drive screen where the product detects foreign substances.)It was a great opportunity to showcase the technical skills of NEXTLab.I was so proud of the interest of the audience as I worked hard to prepare for this event.



In order to create a work-life balance of employment environment, namely work-life balance, excellent companies for work innovation are selected andIncentivized and implemented in 2019 to induce voluntary and active work innovation of companiesThere is a system called Work Innovation Incentive System.The Ministry of Employment and Labor is the new labor-management development foundation.Nextrap, who is confident in differentiated welfare and environment, has also applied to participate in a work innovation company.But,........Not only was it selected as an excellent company in the incentive system for work innovation, but it was also ranked the best among them. Even though the SS rating should be at least 700 out of 1,000,I was proudly selected as SS grade. (I feel like I'm number one in the first place because I'm in Korean alphabetical order.The best companies selected this time will be exempted from regular labor supervision for three years from the date of selection, preferential treatment for participating in government support projects, etc.They say you can enjoy a wide range of benefits.Manager Jeon Eun-bi of the management support team, who worked hard during the application process, especially worked hard.I think all the members who lead Nextstrap with bright energy and active attitude contributed greatly to this selection.I'm already wondering what the next evolution of Nexstrap will do every year:)