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STB Multimeter


STB Multimeter provides various features necessary for Pay TV service QA automation. These include overall stability test, service QoE measurement, audiovisual monitoring, and UI functionality test. Furthermore, all the audiovisual data produced during the tests, as well as software log and network packet are collected and visualized. This lets you pinpoint the exact development team to solve an issue if it occurs, reducing bug response time as well.

Datasheet of STB Multimeter




In order to use STB Multimeter, the Management Server License and the Probe are necessary.
You can configure test scenarios and view results through the Management Server’s Website, and the Set-top Box (DUT) is connected to the Probe. Multiple Probes can be connected to one Management Server.

Desktop Type (NLSMD)

Recommendable for QA Labs

Rugged Type (NLSMS)

Recommendable for Unmanned Sites


Use Cases

Pay TV Service QA Automation

Guarantee your Pay TV service quality more efficiently by improving your QA process.

When you want to make sure that your subscribers have no trouble in enjoying their content, the QA(quality assurance) process becomes important. Our STB Multimeter will help you improve this process, by using random-based tests to simulate your subscribers’ experience at their homes.

  • Save the time taken during the QA process.
  • Save labor costs, and let your engineers focus on more important matters.
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Pay TV Service Quality Monitoring

Monitor your service at QoE(Quality of Experience) level

You can monitor the level of subscribers’ experience for key features, such as screen freeze, loudness, etc. Also, you can automatically test user interface like switching channels rapidly.

  • Monitor what subscribers actually see and hear when they use paid content.
  • Reduce potential subscriber complaints by preemptively handling issues.
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Acceptance Test Automation

Speed up your acceptance test process while increasing its accuracy as well.

By automating acceptance tests, you can save precious time. You can also locate defects more accurately because of the extensive back-data provided by our STB Multimeter.

  • Boost the amount of inspection data that can be processed at a single time.
  • Detailed analysis report pinpoints the cause of defects and prevents possible disputes with STB manufacturers.
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Video clips

Measure Channel Zapping Time
Innovate your QA process with STB Multimeter.

Trusted by the top 3 Korean telecommunications companies, the STB Multimeter can be a powerful solution to reduce labor, increase efficiency, and save time in the QA field. Contact us for your own customized solution today.

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