A company specializing in automation technology that combines deep learning and image processing technologies

PayTV Service Providers

Automate your QA process and monitor the quality of experience of your subscribers.

Key Benefits

Proven Solutions for Minimizing the Labour Risks

NEXTLab specializes in providing solutions and services that can effectively automate simple and repetitive service quality verification and monitoring tasks.

Specialized for PayTV Service Provider

With a decade of experience with PayTV service providers, NEXTLab’s solution products are specialized and fine-tuned for the industry's needs.

Client Comment

“After introducing NEXTLab’s solution, they have been continuously working with us to optimize it for our environment. Compared to before, our QA productivity rate has increased by 40%, and we were able to reduce customer complaints by being able to know issues that occur after service deployment, before the deployment. ”

from Gi-cheol Jeong, Manager of IPTV/STB QA Center
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