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Beyond X-Ray



Conceptual Chart

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Existing X-Ray equipment has focused only on visibility and products with foreign substances were often delivered to customers.
Beyond X-Ray uses AI-based inspection engine to automatically detect foreign substances hiding in products regardless of their materials and shapes, and enables users to maintain their brand credibility. In addition, our equipment supports automatic counting of adhered ornaments by each type and vision-based appearance inspection at the same time to realize integration of inspection procedures.



Beyond X-Ray

  • Beyond X-Ray
  • Sub Monitor 2EA - The worker in the output section checks the confirmed results and separates the “NG” products.

Beyond X-Ray

Inspector Confirm Mode
Automated Separation Mode

Products Image

Baggage manufacturing (backpacks, Handbags)


Application Area

Main Function

Foreign substance inspection : Can simultaneously perform two types of inspections
  • Detect foreign substances inside the product with X-ray image-based detection (needle fragments, pieces of rocks, cartilages and shells, etc.)
  • Detect foreign substances outside the product with camera image-based detection (hair, inconsistent color, etc.)
Various inspections such as filling status, defects, and counting of accessories by each type can be performed concurrently with foreign substance inspection.


ISO/IEC 25023:2016 기반 검사정확도, 분석소요시간 인증
  Ordinary X-Ray Equipment Beyond X-Ray Metal Detector
Materials of detectable
foreign substances
Metals, non-metals Metals, non-metals Metals
Shape of detectable
foreign substances
Limited (Need to manually
adjust detection algorithm installed in equipment)
No Limit (Can even verify the location of the foreign substance) No limit only for metals (Cannot verify the location)
Accessory differentiation Limited (Need to manually
adjust detection algorithm installed in equipment)
Can differentiate between ornaments and foreign substances X
Surface foreign substance/
appearance quality inspection
(e.g.: Hair, discoloration)
X No Limit (Supports simultaneous inspection during camera-based inspection) X
Convenience Need to manually adjust
detection algorithm for each manufactured product.
Automatically adjusts verification, adjustment, and detection algorithm Regular verification and
correction is required