A company specializing in automation technology that combines deep learning and image processing technologies


  • 2022 Youth Friendly Hidden Champion!
    • 04- Registered "Creative Lab" factory
    • 03- Secured new client : KT (Launching Project : Establishment of IPTV Service Quality Verification Automation System)
    • 01- Selected as a “Youth Friendly Hidden Champion"
  • 2021 NEXTLab 3.0 !
    • 05- Conclusion of Agreement with RECO
    • 04- Secured new client: RECO (Project: AI-based waste information analysis solution)
    • 01- Signed overseas agent contract for Beyond X-Ray (HPT Vietnam)
  • 2020 Young Friendly Small and Strong Company Selection!
    • 12- Launched Portable Analyzer, a portable internet and IPTV quality measuring instrument (Launching Customer: LGU+)
    • - Selected as a Family Friendly Certified Firm
    • 08- Selected as Seoul’s Hidden Champion
    • 05- Acquired ISO 9001:2015 certification
    • - Launched STB Multimeter, a small set top box quality measuring instrument (Launching Customer: Abies Co., Ltd.)
    • 04- Secured new client: AJ Sellcar (Project: Construction of second-hand vehicle market price statistics service)
    • 01- Selected as a Youth Friendly Hidden Champion
  • 2019 Small and strong company!
    • 12- TTA proposed standard adopted (“Methods to explore user interface menu structure for automation of set top box quality measurement”)
    • 11- Participated in Vietnam Int'l Textile & Garment Industry Exhibition held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    • 10- Selected as Outstanding Firm for Work Innovation (Ministry of Employment and Labor, SS Grade)
    • - Started exporting Beyond X-Ray (Vietnam, Indonesia)
    • 08- Launched Beyond X-Ray, an AI-based foreign substance detector for manufactured goods (Launching Customer: Pungkook Corporation)
    • 07- Signed strategic business alliance MOU (Infotech Corporation)
      Launched SpeedMeter, an Internet speed measuring instrument for network speeds up to 10Gbps (Launching Customer: SK Broadband)
    • - Launched SpeedMeter, an Internet speed measuring instrument for network speeds up to 10Gbps (Launching Customer: SK Broadband)
    • 01- Selected as a Hidden Champion
  • 2018 Head-Office expansion transfer!
    • 12- Selected as a Talent Training SME
    • - Launched BeyondTest V-UI, an automated test product for voice recognition devices
      (Launching Customer : SK Broadband)
    • 10- Won a contract for upgrading integrated IPTV set top box verification center platform (SK Broadband)
    • 07- Moved head office to a larger office (9th Floor, JS Building, Seocho-gu, Seoul)
    • - Launched BeyondTest OTT, an OTT QoE measuring instrument
      (Launching Customer : SK Broadband)
    • 03- Signed MOU for supply of AI-based inspection solution for smart factories (Pungkook Corporation)
  • 2017 Participate in Korea VR Expo!
    • 09- Participated in Korea VR Expo (BeyondTest TSD for evaluation of VR HMD’s QoE)
  • 2016 - Designation of Special Military Service Companies!
    • 05- Designated as a Designated Alternative Military Service Firm
  • 2015 Robot-based automated quality test product Launched!
    • 08- Secured new client: Hyundai Autron (Project: Development of vehicle ECU calibration and monitoring tool)
    • 05- Secured new client: SK Telecom (Project: Development of quantitative QoE evaluation technology for IPTV set top box)
    • 03- Launched BeyondTest TSD, a robot-based automated quality test product for smart devices (Launching Customer: LG Electronics V/C Business Unit)
  • 2014 Head-Office expansion transfer!
    • 07- Moved head office to a larger office (2nd Floor, Seonghae Building, Seocho-gu, Seoul)
    • 06- Launched BeyondTest STB, a product for monitoring IPTV broadcast in real-time (Launching Customer: SK Broadband)
    • 02- Secured new client: SK Broadband (Project: PLM-based terminal lifecycle management system)
  • 2013 Establishment of a corporate research institute!
    • 10- Launched BeyondTest, a blackbox-based automated quality test product for smart devices (Launching Customer : LG Electronics H/E Business Unit)
    • 04- Established R&D Center
    • - Certified as a venture business
  • 2012 Foundation NEXTLab!
    • 07- NEXTLab incorporated