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Service QoE, Compliance Monitoring

Key KPIs reflecting QoE are measured, and 24/7 service experience monitoring is available.



Monitor Monetization Features

Check whether your customers have trouble or not when they try to purchase paid content. Imagine that a customer wants to purchase a pay movie but can not do so because of an error. He/She will be frustrated, and in order to quell their dissatisfaction, additional cost(time and money) will be spent. By monitoring monetization features beforehand, you can prevent this situation.

Realistic Service QoE Monitoring

Measure your service quality just like how your customers feel. Key issues that greatly hinder your customer experience, such as macro block, volume loudness variation, and freezing, can be detected and solved preemptively.



QoE Monitoring

The solution measures macro block, freeze, black screen, and volume loudness that are important for customer experience.

Features Monitoring

Important monetization features can be monitored 24/7 and alerts the operators.

Hybrid Monitoring

Our solution simultaneously supports STB’s audiovisual output-based monitoring and IP-based monitoring.

QoE Monitoring Features Monitoring Alert

Audiovisual Quality

  • Macro Block Detection
  • Freeze, Black Screen Detection
  • Loudness

Service Quality

  • Channel Change Time
  • Reset, RCU Reaction Delay
  • Scenario-based User Interface Control
  • Automated Result Evaluation
  • Flexible Rule-based Alert Criteria
  • Real time Alerts via SNMP, Email, Slack and even the customer’s dedicated NMS
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