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Software QA Automation

NEXTLab makes your QA easier and faster by automating manually done tasks.



Save Labour Cost

NEXTLab’s solution automates the repetitive, complicated and accuracy-sensitive tasks, and enables your QA engineers to focus on other matters that require their attention. As they can spend less time on performing same tests, you can reduce precious time and money on hiring new employees.

Bug Fixing Time

The solution provides you with rich back data, which enables you to pinpoint the exact development team to solve the problem. This also reduces time to fix the bug, since they do not have to conduct reproducibility tests to gather data.

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Rich Device Control and Data Acquisition

Our product provides rich data, such as video and audio, logs, and network packets. Tests by various control methods are also available.

Random-based Test

Our solution automatically does not only scenario-based tests, but also random-based tests for covering the “Grey Area” of QA

Root-Cause Analysis

Detailed analysis allows you to find the cause of the issue easily.

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How NEXTLab helped automate tests at SK Broadband’s Media QA Center


Case Study


SK broadband is the first company in the world to introduce high speed internet and is also the first company to introduce IPTV in Korea. It is one of the largest network service providers in Korea, securing approximately 8 million subscribers. Now, it focuses on producing diverse media contents and providing excellent customer experience, to maintain its role as the industry leader.


SK Broadband used to do manual scenario-based tests and did not have a sufficient tool to manage the QA process. They wanted to move away from manual testing and establish a system-based, automated process and increase their efficiency in finding defects. They needed a partner that could help them achieve this goal, and NEXTLab was the perfect company for this task.


NEXTLab has been providing SK Broadband with solutions that apply automated test technology that can manipulate and recognize UI based on black box to STB verification since 2017. Since then, through continuous cooperation, we have expanded the possible targets for automated testing from STBs to Remote Control Units(RCUs) and STBs equipped with Voice UI. Furthermore, control technology that can reproduce various failure situations has been added, leading to developing a platform that integrates and analyzes STB output images as well as logs and network packets.

AI STB Verification Station
STB Verification Station
RCU Verification Robot


Thanks to NEXTLab’s solution, SK Broadband’s Media QA Center has drastically reduced QA time. Before implementing the solution, QA engineers spent 2~3 days to manually test about 30 test cases. Now, it only takes an hour to test roughly 100 test cases at once. In addition to QA time reduction, since QA environment and methods have been established quantitatively, the test results’ credibility has increased and become a good standard for customer service quality. Overall, tests from 50% of entire QA category have been successfully automatized and efficiency in detecting and improving various defects has increased by 30%.