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Portable Probe for Root Cause Analysis

Provides continuous extensive back-data of service degradation issues for the cause-analysis.



Service Degradation Cause Analysis

NEXTLab’s product collects rich and dense data, and even visualizes it so that clients can easily analyze root cause of degraded services. Since it becomes easier to locate the problem, it also becomes easier to resolve it as well.

Save Analysis Cost

Save up on your on-site monitoring cost and time by remotely controlling NEXTLab’s portable probes. You can visually check real-time monitoring status, as well as assign each probe to perform scenario-based measurement from your office.

Conceptual Chart



Automatic Collection of Measurement Data

Just plug in the cable and leave it in the problematic site. The probe will automatically continue measurement and you can remotely check the extensive data collected.

Remote Operation Monitoring

The days of waiting long hours on-site are gone. Remote operation monitoring is possible simply by connecting our probes.

Measurement Remote Operation
  • Scenario-based Measurement at each Probes
  • MPEG2-TS : MDI, ETSI TR 101 290, Bandwidth
  • Internet Speed Measurement : UP/DN, Ping/Loss
  • TWAMP, Ping, Traceroute to Appointed Targets
  • Network Discovery, CDP/LLDP for ONT Info.
  • Configuring Various Scenarios and Probe Assignment
  • Real-Time Measurement Visualization
  • Collects All Probes’ Data
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