A company specializing in automation technology that combines deep learning and image processing technologies

Internet Service Providers

Verify field technicians’ work in subscribers’ homes and guarantee your service quality.

Key Benefits

Proven Solutions for Saving Cost

Not only focused on measurement but NEXTLab’s solution products are also aimed at reducing unnecessary costs by providing “Data-Driven Decision-Making Support” for the field engineers.

Highly Integrable to the Service Provider’s Business & Systems

To be seamlessly fused into the service provider’s lifecycle, NEXTLab is open to customizing solutions for the client’s needs.

Client Comment

“We were searching for a solution that would be optimized for our company, and NEXTLab did a wonderful job of customizing it to our requests. For LG U+, one of the KPIs for customer service quality management is whether failure issues occur repeatedly. We successfully reduced the repetitive failure rate by 50% after introducing NEXTLab’s solutions.”

from Ye-won Choi, Manager of Service Quality Innovation
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