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Acceptance Test Automation

Automated Acceptance Test reduces the initial failure rate and even expands to Automated Screening for the returned STBs.



Boost Inspection Processing Capacity

NEXTLab’s inspection scenario automation solution increases the acceptance inspection sampling rate without increasing manpower. The acceptance inspection efficiency also increases, allowing you to cut related costs.

Prevent Disputes with STB Manufacturers

All the back data from the inspection tests are saved, serving as solid basis in case a dispute arises with the STB manufacturers. Time-consuming arguments are not necessary, because with NEXTLab’s solution, all data on failed cases are verifiable on spot.

Conceptual Chart



Inspection Process Automation

Our product performs scenario-based function tests on new STBs, as well as random-based aging tests.

  • Scenario-based Function Test
  • Random-based Aging Test
  • Performance Measurement

Back Data Acquisition

Extensive back data are acquired by recording STB video output and collecting logs.

  • Video Recording
  • STB Logs Collection (incl. Top, dumpsys, Logcat, Tombstone)
  • URL-based Back Data Share (Visualized Web Viewer)

Easy to Share

The massive data can be shared to STB manufacturers by using simple URL.

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