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Nationwide Service Monitoring

Monitor your service level throughout the nation and check regional data easily.



Monitor Various
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

NEXTLab’s solution supports not only broadcasting stream(MPEG2-TS) analysis, but also monitors various KPIs reflecting subscribers’ service experience quality. One device is all you need to test such diverse standards.

Local Network Optimization

Substantial back data is provided, which is necessary for network optimization, both regionally and media(TV, OTT, Internet)-specifically. Monitoring status can be categorized according to region or each local base, which helps to find regional characteristics and optimize accordingly.

Conceptual Chart



Stream Analysis

Our product can analyze up to 30 channels simultaneously.

OTT QoE Monitoring

Number of playback delay, buffering delay, and resolution changes are all monitoring factors.

Websurfing QoE Monitoring

Our product monitors key QoE factors such as internet speed, webpage loading KPIs, and ping.

MPEG2-TS Monitoring OTT QoE Monitoring Internet QoE Monitoring
  • Up to 30 Channels Concurrent Monitoring
  • RFC 4445 Media Delivery Index (MDI)
  • ETSI TR 101 290
  • IGMP Leave/Join Delay
  • Playback Delay
  • Buffering Delay & No. of Occurrence
  • No. of Resolution Changes & Average Resolution
  • Internet Speed Measurement
  • TWAMP, Ping, Traceroute
  • Web surfing QoE KPIs
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