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Contents Streaming and STB Testing by Field Engineers

NEXTLab helps field engineers save time and unnecessary cost for replacing.



Save Unnecessary STB Replacement Cost

Field engineers can perform simple on-site tests to determine whether the STB is faulty or not. If it turns out that the STB is defected, they can then replace the STB. This reduces human errors and saves cost of unnecessary STB replacements.

Save Revisiting

With extensive measurement data provided by NEXTLab’s product, field engineers can do their job based on quantitative standards. Thus, it prevents imperfect work and reduces room for mistakes that could have been caused by engineers’ personal experience and prediction. Consequently, it is more likely to finish their work in one visit, reducing the need to visit customers again.



Passive Testing

Field engineers can perform on-site passive testing to verify STB failure.

  • Outputs IR Signals
  • Scenario-based Test (i.e., One-Click Major Functions Availability Test)
  • RFC 4445 Media Delivery Index (MDI)
  • ETSI TR 101 290
  • Channel Change Delay, Streaming Bandwidth

Active Testing

Our product offers various active testing methods to verify network failure on-site.

  • Up to 5 Channels Concurrent Monitoring (MPEG2-TS)
  • RFC 4445 Media Delivery Index (MDI)
  • ETSI TR 101 290
  • IGMP Leave/Join Delay, Each Channels Bandwidth
  • OOB(Out of Band) Channels Connection Test
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