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NEXTLab's Debut at Network X Exhibition in Paris

2023.10.24 From November 24th to 26th, 2023, NEXTLab took part in the Network X exhibition held in Paris, France. CEO Kim Sungmin and Manager Choi Jinyoung seized the opportunity to introduce NEXTLab at Network X. Network X is a significant exhibition where major telecommunication operators and related businesses gather for networking purposes. With diverse conference sessions and workshops, the event provides a platform to share and receive the latest trends and technological updates. Given the participation of key industry leaders and numerous vendors, it was a crucial exhibition for networking. Various companies providing services in different sectors, such as Pulme, Viavi, and ZTE, were all present in one place at Network X. The ability to meet companies offering services beyond service providers(operators) is a key attraction of Network X. Meetings with various vendors provided a valuable opportunity to share services and insights. NEXTLab had a booth at the Broadband Forum Pavilion, where they introduced NEXTLab netMeter. As it was the first time NEXTLab netMeter was unveiled in the European market, there was a mix of excitement and anticipation. NEXTLab netMeter is currently one of the most widely used network quality measurement devices in South Korea. Beyond measuring internet speed and diagnosing connectivity issues, it provides optimal operational guidelines. Overcoming the challenges of existing internet speed measurement devices, which were difficult for individuals to interpret and had high price barriers, NEXTLab netMeter not only interprets measurement values but also offers operational guidelines. The product received a very positive response in the European market, particularly for its compact size, intuitive guidelines, and competitive pricing. To align with the networking theme of Network X, the team attended an evening networking party with beverages and finger foods. This provided a more relaxed environment for conversations with telecom professionals from around the world, focusing on market perspectives and shared enthusiasm for the industry. It was an opportunity to share insights, generate fresh ideas, and exchange contacts, emphasizing the networking aspect. Thanks to Network X, there is now increased curiosity about the European market. Reflecting on the differences between the European and Korean markets, the team concluded the successful business trip to France. NEXTLab remains committed to ongoing efforts to expand its business into the European market.  


NEXTLab at Better Software Testing Conference 2023 (BeSTCon2023)

2023.10.31   NEXTLab participated in the Better Software Testing Conference 2023 (BeSTCon2023) held on October 31, 2023, at COEX Grand Ballroom. BeSTCon is the largest software testing conference in South Korea, serving as a platform for professionals and experts in the field to share insights. This year's focus was on software testing and artificial intelligence in the context of ensuring safety, marking the 9th International Quality Testing Conference.  As a member of the Korean Software Testing Association, NEXTLab had a booth at the conference, promoting its flagship product, NEXTLab Evo. The event provided an excellent opportunity for engagement with various industry stakeholders, including software test managers, engineers, QA managers, telecommunication and broadcasting companies, and IT enterprises.  Mr. Kim Sungmin, the CEO of NEXTLab, delivered a presentation on the theme "How will UI test automation evolve with Generative AI?" during the conference. In his presentation, Mr. Kim discussed the current limitations and trends in AI-based test automation systems, emphasizing the potential of Generative AI. The presentation delved into topics such as script creation, test scenario automation, and Generative AI-based UI object extraction and image mapping. Mr. Kim also introduced a new framework considering the integration of Generative AI.For those interested, the full presentation by CEO Kim can be found on our [YouTube channel]. NEXTLab remains committed to contributing innovative software testing solutions to the industry.


NEXTLab Showcases New Product at IBC2023 Exhibition in Amsterdam

2023.09.15September, NEXTLab participated in the IBC2023 exhibition held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. IBC is recognized as one of the most prestigious international broadcasting and telecommunication expos, attracting influential industry players to share cutting-edge technologies. NEXTLab was part of the Korean Pavilion at the event. CEO, Mr. Kim Sungmin, along with Senior Researcher Mr. Jo Woojin and Manager Ms. Choi Jinyoung, showcased the latest product, NEXTLab Evo. As an AI-based QA Test Assistant for video service providers, NEXTLab Evo simplifies workflows for QA testers. The product stands out by adopting a block-based approach (automatically generated by pressing a remote button), replacing the conventional script-writing method. Additionally, it analyzes and visualizes big data collected during tests, allowing quick issue identification on the results page.We received meaningful feedback across various industries, particularly regarding powerful features like Macro Blocks and NEXTLab's Intelligent Monkey Test. The user-friendly design was well-received, enhancing overall usability. The product's compatibility with lightweight and user-friendly devices emerged as a significant advantage.    <Rafael and Mr.Kim>


NEXTLab Exhibited Successfully at the NAB Show 2023

2023.05.04 Hey everyone! NEXTLab attended an overseas exhibition for the second time! The event is the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Show 2023, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. This time, the NAB Show celebrated its centennial, and was even bigger than before.There were 4 major themes - “Create, Connect, Capitalize, Intelligent Content” on the show floor. Over 1,200 exhibitors from the broadcasting and communication industry attended from around the world, and the number of attendees was 65,013! It doesn’t stop there. The number of potential buyers was 39,053! Isn’t that surprising? There’s a reason the NAB Show is considered as one of the most famous exhibitions in the field.NEXTLab looked forward to showcasing the ‘Intelligent Monkey Test’ solution at the event, as it innovates the test automation sector by combining the strengths of both conventional testing methods, which are script-based testing and random-based testing. It allows the QA (quality assurance) engineers to designate certain areas, such as apps, UI, or menus for testing, and they can also specify the test ratio for each region.So, without further ado, let’s hear what it was like to actually BE at the NAB Show from our engineer, Junhan Kim!Q. Hi! This April, the NAB Show was held in the lively city of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Please tell me your first impression of the city and how you felt.Engineer Junhan Kim(hereafter J): As soon as I landed at the airport, I could already feel “Wow, I’m in Vegas!” because there were slot machines and roulettes everywhere. Every hotel I visited owned a casino, which was very surprising to me. When I walked down the street, I noticed large LED monitors everywhere, and everything was so expensive! I really felt that there were lots of rich people in Vegas. I even tried some slot machines, but personally, playing games at the game centers in Korea was more fun for me. Maybe Las Vegas is not living up to its fame, since there are lots of cities in the world that have a night life and flamboyant signs. Q. How did you feel throughout the entire show period?J: Well, this was my second overseas business trip. My first one was when I visited a broadcasting and telecommunication exhibition in Indonesia, but back then, I was just a visitor and not an exhibitor. So actually, you can say that this is my first time attending such a large event as an exhibitor. Naturally, I was very nervous. Most of the visitors attended the show on the first two days, Sunday and Monday, so I was too busy and wasn’t myself. However, on the third day, I got to my senses and visited other companies’ booths and took a look at their solutions as well. Also, since the two colleagues that accompanied me were in charge of business development and sales, talking with them opened my eyes to the business aspect of our solution. Plus, it was refreshing to take a break from developing. Q. This time, NEXTLab exhibited at the Korean pavilion with the help of KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) and KICTA (Korea Information and Communication Technology Industry Association). In your opinion, what are the good points of exhibiting at the Korean pavilion compared to exhibiting on our own?J: Definitely, there was a lot of help from KOTRA and KICTA before the show, and my favorite part was that they aided us financially with the booth rent fee and introduced a translator. Also, I felt more relieved to hear Korean nearby, toning down the feeling of isolation that I might have felt if we had exhibited alone. In addition, it was easier to compare other Korean companies’ booth design for future reference. However, when I visited the French pavilion that was also exhibiting at the West Hall, I was envious of their stand design, because they set up a big rooster which represents France and made it their theme. Perhaps it would’ve been better to grab visitors’ attention if we had a trademark like that as our theme at the Korean pavilion, too. Q. Which booth and solution was the most impressive at the NAB Show 2023?J: The most impressive booth would be undisputedly the AWS (Amazon Web Services) booth. They had a ‘Soccer Free Kick Challenge’ event, and since it was a chance for the visitors to move their body, it quickly gathered attention. The most intriguing solution was a camera editing tool. Normally, when K-pop shows are recorded, it’s up to the camera crew to input zoom in/zoom out video effects. But with this solution, anyone can input the same types of video effects easily on a pre-recorded video. Although the solution was not relevant to NEXTLab, I was personally very interested in it.Q. Were there many companies that provided test and measurement automation solutions at the show? How competitive are NEXTLab’s solutions in the global market?J: Personally, I think NEXTLab’s solutions are very competitive in the global market. At the show, I saw many solutions that monitor the current status of VODs and live streaming. It was a little difficult to find a solution like ours that integrates so many features, such as LKFS (loudness) measurement, UI reaction time measurement, and macro block/screen freeze detection. Our solution runs tests automatically, recording all the logs and video if an issue occurs, and visualizes them so that our clients can find errors and their causes quickly. I believe that we can effectively reduce the time and labor cost in the QA process, and pinpoint the exact cause of issues to the appropriate development teams. Since we always think about making our clients’ workflow more comfortable, and customize our solutions to best fit their needs, we can surely compete in the global market if we overcome the first-to-market effect of our competitors.Q. Thank you for taking valuable time for this interview. Last but not least, could you share an entertaining anecdote about your experience at the show?J: Oh, actually, Jaehyun left his bag at the monorail, and we thought that we were doomed because it contained all the cash and credit cards for the business trip. But to my surprise, an anonymous angel brought it back to the NAB Show information desk, and we recovered it within an hour! I would be forever grateful to the mysterious person who saved us.I was delighted to listen to the story of NEXTLab’s engineer, Junhan Kim, throughout the interview. Thanks to him, I was able to draw a picture of what the exhibition was like although I didn’t attend it in person. The NAB Show 2023 was a great opportunity to showcase NEXTLab’s newest solution, and as there were so many exhibitors from around the world, we could gauge the strengths of our solution objectively.NEXTLab will continue to exhibit in broadcasting & telecommunication exhibitions in the future. May we increase our brand awareness with relentless effort! 


NEXTLab Featured in the Exhibitor Directory from the Korean Pavilion

2023.03.31In the previous post, we announced that we would be exhibiting at the NAB Show 2023, which takes place from April 16th~19th at the Las Vegas Convention Center.There are many difficulties when you prepare for an event overseas, especially if the country where it is held uses a distinct language from your mother tongue. In addition to the hardships you may face due to language barrier, you may also feel fatigue while adjusting to the time zone difference, and this includes jet lags from your flight. To make matters worse, since you are not familiar with the country’s culture and neighborhood, the whole workflow from booth preparation to managing meeting schedules and travel budget may seem burdensome at times.So naturally, we were excited last September when NEXTLab successfully exhibited at the IBC 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands with no financial aid. Although it was not an easy journey, we made it possible with one goal in mind: to increase brand awareness in the global market. This year, we were fortunate to receive government aid by exhibiting in the Korean Pavilion at the NAB Show 2023. It was especially helpful to our exhibit preparations (and budget!)Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) and Korea Information and Communication Technology Industry Association (KICTA) are the main sponsors for the Korean pavilion at this year’s NAB Show, and a total number of 15 companies are exhibiting in the Korean pavilion. The Korean pavilion is exhibiting in 2 halls at the convention center, which are the Central Hall and the West Hall. NEXTLab’s booth is located in the Korean pavilion at the West Hall, because many enterprises that provide various solutions for the pay-TV service providers exhibit in that hall.As you are aware, there are diverse business areas in the broadcast and telecommunications industry, from content production to delivering and renting broadcast equipment, etc. NEXTLab specializes in catering to broadcasting quality assurance (QA) needs, as the IPTV and OTT market grows ever larger and the importance of avoiding customer churn can never be emphasized enough. By providing extensive back data on video and audio quality anomaly occurrences, we help the clients maintain the subscribers’ quality of experience (QoE).Set-top box performance is also a key factor in maintaining high broadcasting quality. We discussed the all-new Intelligent Monkey Test solution in the previous post briefly, and its ability to run random tests in specified areas. Well, here’s how. Solution users can select certain menus (or UI) to focus the tests and define them as the desired testing area, and also the target ratio to run the tests for each menu. Once the target testing area is designated, random tests can be performed without worrying about leaving the testing area during the tests, because the cursor will return to the designated area automatically if it leaves the target testing area. Furthermore, clients can increase the test accuracy and efficiency by running a mixture of script-based test cases and random control-based tests as needed. Ever had difficulties in recreating errors? No problem, since the solution will leave a history of all tests, and test recreation feature also exists for detected errors.There’s more to NEXTLab’s test and measurement solutions than meets the eye. We offer real-time live streaming monitoring solutions that allow the clients to check various channels simultaneously. Features such as round-robin monitoring and sending off alarms when detecting anomalies are available, but the best part is that clients can set auto-restoration procedure to run in case of detecting live streaming quality drop before sending alarms.As NEXTLab is presenting its automatic test and measurement solutions at the Korean pavilion this time, there is another form of support provided by the sponsors. It is the directory of all the companies exhibiting in the Korean pavilion, and they have really done a wonderful job of collecting the information of all the companies there so that visitors can understand them at a glance. The cherry on top is, needless to say, that this data is free to view and use for visitors and exhibitors alike. Below is the section covering NEXTLab, so if you are attending the NAB Show this April, please feel free to use it as a guide to visit our booth and the Korean pavilion!Want to know more about NEXTLab and our solutions? Book a meeting here : 


NAB Show 2023

2023.03.10 NEXTLab is exhibiting in NAB Show 2023!NAB Show takes place from April 16th to 19th at the Las Vegas Convention Center.NAB is an abbreviation of “The National Association of Broadcasters”, and it is one of the biggest events in the media and broadcasting industry. This year, the event will be even bigger as it is celebrating its centennial, welcoming major players from the content production to the media and entertainment field.NEXTLab specializes in set-top box testing and measurement solutions, as well as network quality on-site testing and measurement. This year, we are excited to present our “intelligent monkey test” solution from our “STB Multimeter” for pay-tv service providers. The intelligent monkey test runs random tests in specified areas, and it covers the grey area between classic scenario testing and random control-based testing.Compared to the previous scenario-based set-top box testing solutions, it takes less time to prepare the test cases with the intelligent monkey test. Also, meaningful defects are easier to find, as running random tests for each designated UI is possible. If you are attending the NAB Show 2023, visit NEXTLab at Booth W2561 in the Korean Pavilion. It is located in the West Hall of Las Vegas Convention Center.Check out NEXTLab’s Booth LocationYou can also use the guest code below to register for the show free of charge before March 31st. Starting from April 1st, there will be a registration fee of $50 even when using the guest code, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!Register for free up to 3/31



NEXTLab visited SK ICT Tech Summit 2019 at Walkerhill Theater & Vista Hall on October 28 and 29.*NEXTLab did not have a separate booth, but participated as a demonstration assistant and booth sponsor for the delivered product:) SK ICT Tech Summit, which will be held for the fourth time this year, is a place where SK Group shares its ICT technologies and services.This is where you can enjoy the latest technologies and services of SK Group. A total of 19 SK related companies participated, 41 presentations, 81 exhibitions, etc.We could see a variety of people participating. NEXTLab has sponsored an ‘AI-based voice verification automation solution’ booth.An integrated verification platform for unified management of verification processes on the Web,Voice UI based smartphone application (T-Map) automated verification technology that combines TTS-based voice call and voice modulation technology,Voice UI based STB Media Service Automation Verification Technology, etc. that enables real-time broadcasting quality and UI analysis.It was a great opportunity to showcase a wide range of technologies. There was an unseen and difficult process of preparation.Many of you have visited the booth and have been interested in it.I was proud to forget about the fatigue and focus on the event.


VTG 2019

FREE FROM FOREIGN METAL OBJECTS IN YOUR PRODUCTS!  NEXTLab will participate in VTG 2019 from November 20th-23rd.'VTG' is short for 'Vietnam International Textile & Garment', so many companies in the textile and clothing industry come to exhibit at this show. I think it's a huge honor to have NEXTLab participate in this year’s fair, which is held for the 9th time already. CHARACTERISTICBeyond AI X-Ray is an automated foreign metallic objects detection system.The system can detect various types of foreign objects by using Deep learning- based Image processing technology.Your factory’s X-Ray machine can be converted easily into Automated Detection System by simply adding ‘Beyond AI X-Ray’ to your machine.1. Applicable Products : Every Sewing-based Products– Shoes, Apparels | – Backpacks, Handbags2. Accuracy & Performance – 0.9 seconds for detecting | – 98% of foreign metallic objects detection accuracy3. X-Ray machine compatibilities– Every X-Ray machines which are operating under Microsoft Windows O/S (XP or higher)4. Customers– Pungkook Saigon III | – Pungkook Indonesia One NEXTLab is located in booth 543.If you are interested in us, visit our booth.Send product and technical questions to ‘[email protected]‘ and we will answer them in detail.  ADDED CONTENT - VTG SKETCH  This is the foreground of the SECC where the event was held.  Proud members who have done everything from organizing the event to running the booth. Unlike other booths where textiles and clothing were the main items, technology-oriented demonstrations took place at our stand.That drew the attention of many possible customers, and eventually, an endless line of people was formed next to the NEXTLab booth.(The UI shown on the left screen is the actual drive screen where the product detects foreign substances.)It was a great opportunity to showcase the technical skills of NEXTLab.I was so proud of the interest of the audience as I worked hard to prepare for this event.