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NEXTLab Presents a Successful Case Study of Collaboration between Macro Image Technology


NEXTLab’s CTO, Youngsu Park, presented a successful collaboration case study between NEXTLab and ‘Macro Image Technology’ at the ‘2023 Broadcasting Equipment Enterprises’ Networking Day’. The event was held on Wednesday, May 17th, at COEX A Hall 2nd floor, during the 31st KOBA (Korea International Broadcasting, Media, Audio & Lighting Show) 2023 period, since most of the participating companies were already exhibiting at the show. 


The organizer of the event was RAPA (Korea Radio Promotion Association), and the narrator, team manager Gangok Jeon, stated that the networking session was designed to foster partnership between Korean broadcasting equipment businesses and aid them in promoting their business overseas. 23 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) attended the event, all eager to collaborate and share knowledge on business strategies for different markets.

RAPA started the event by introducing two of their major projects that support the broadcasting equipment SMEs. The first one is the ‘Innovation Voucher Support for Broadcasting Equipment Businesses’, where SMEs can apply for budget aid to spend in various business fields, such as technology certification, creating product prototypes, and marketing. The second project is the ‘Broadcasting Equipment ODA (Official Development Assistance) Project’, which provides broadcasting systems, technical training, and follow-up support for developing countries. It opens up opportunities for Korean companies in the broadcasting field to increase their brand awareness overseas.

After RAPA introduced those projects that broadcasting equipment companies could leverage, there was a brief introduction session of businesses that attended the event. For 3 minutes, each company introduced their key products, interesting episodes while growing their businesses, and strategies that they employed to enter their target markets. Then came the presentation session, where 4 companies would share collaboration cases between broadcasting equipment firms and how they raised their competitiveness.